Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jax's current list of words. :)

We have quite the talker on our hands! :) Here are the words that he is currently saying:
1. Dada 2. Mama 3. Balloon (his favorite thing in the entire world!) 4. Up (he says this anytime he wants up or down!). 5. Hi (and waves) 6. Bye (and waves) 7. Ball 8. Dude (Grandma Shirley taught him this one!) 9. Shoe (he just learned this one yesterday). 10. Banana (although I am pretty sure that only Scotty and I can understand it) 11. Bay (for Baylee) 12. What's that? and our FAVORITE word of his so far: 13. POOCHIE! :)

And here is a picture of him and his poochie! :)

WALKING and new pics! :)

14 months old!
Playing with Baylee...

He loves this toy! He pushes it all over the house! :)
Bubbles at Grandma's House!!!

Here is a video of Jax walking!!! :) (click on the link!)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


We are finally making some progress in the walking department!! :) YAY! GO JAX!!!!