Sunday, August 31, 2008

The BIG ultrasound is THIS Wednesday 9/3 at 2:30pm!

Our BIG ultrasound is this Wednesday at 2:30pm! I remember setting the appointment 5 weeks ago feeling like September 3rd was FOREVER away! I can't believe it is almost here! :) I am so excited to find out (for sure) what we are having...I still think it's a boy but lately Scott has been thinking it's a girl! I am also really excited to see our little one again on the ultrasound screen...seeing him/her move around inside is the most amazing thing in the entire world!

I will upate everyone as soon as I can on Wednesday! :)

Oh...and please say a prayer that he/she doesn't have their legs crossed...mama is going to be really upset if he/she is being too shy to show us the "goods"! :)

Who will I look like??? :)

I thought it would be fun for everyone to see what Scotty and I looked like as little ones. :) ya go! I wonder who our little one will look like? :)

Scotty at 3 months...

How cute is he???!!!

Scott at 2 years...

And now...Ris:

Dad and Ris (at 2 years)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Playing Hide and Seek!

Baby Reetz has been quite the pain this week when it comes to finding his/her heartbeat on the doppler! I can usually find it within a minute or two but the past few days it takes Scotty and I at least five minutes to track it down! As soon as we start to hear it, baby Reetz moves to another side so that we can't hear it again! I think we have a little "turkey" in there!

I am so excited for our ultrasound next week! I am still thinking that we have a little boy growing inside of me but Scott has changed his mind and he now thinks we will find out it's a girl! Who knows...I hope our little one cooperates next week so we can find out what we are having! :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Butterflies in my Stomach!

That is how I would describe the baby movement that I have been feeling the past week! :) I started feeling this last Thursday and now I notice it at least 3-4 times per day! It honestly does feel like I have a butterfly trying to fly around in my is so strange...but so amazing!

Our next appointment is on September 3rd! In addition to making sure everything is great with the baby...we will also find out if we are having a boy or a girl! :) I am 99% sure that it is a boy (I have always had that feeling) so I guess the 3rd is when we will find out if "mother's intuition" is right!