Wednesday, December 17, 2008

36 Weeks! Only 4 weeks to go!!! :)

Just a quick update...we had our 36 week appointment today. :) Everything still looks great with both Jax and I. :) My blood pressure was perfect, my belly measured at 37 weeks (a little ahead still), and his heartbeat was strong and steady! Dr. Pew also did an "internal" exam today and it looks like I am about 50% effaced and a half centimeter dilated which is right on track for 36 weeks. I have had two different bouts of uncomfortable cramping (that last about an hour) but she is also said that it is completely normal and that it is just my uterus getting ready to do it's thing. :) looks like everything is still right on track. :) I would love for Jax to come a little early as I am starting to get uncomfortable and sleeping is just not happening these days but it is out of my hands at this point! Plus, Scott would probably be a nervous wreck...he is being so funny about having him stay inside of me until at least his due date...oh...and he would love for Jax to be about 10 pounds so that he "knows" that he is healthy! I keep reminding him that he isn't the one that has to give birth to our little one so I would greatly appreciate him not wishing a 10 pound baby upon us! :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I had to get this on video!!!

Scott always wonders why I have such a hard time sleeping at night...well...this is why!!! :) Right when I lay down to go to bed, baby Jax thinks it's playtime! So...for your viewing pleasure! :)

I also had my 34 week appointment today...everything is going really well so far. :) My blood pressure was perfect, my belly measurement was right at 34 weeks, his heartbeat was steady and strong, and I have now gained a total of 24 pounds. He is also still head down which is right where he should be at this point! :)